I want to remove an existing option ("Save As") from context menu of QGIS layer, what I have found so far is, to add new action in the LegendItems, or overwrite completely with new options. But could not find any option using that I would be able to remove an existing default Context menu option.

What I have also seen that there is menuProvider() method available, but could not get any details with this method.

How can I remove existing "Save As" option from the context menu of QGIS?

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You need override the current context Menu, using your custom class

Minimal sample code for remove "Export" Option

from qgis.gui import QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider

ltv = iface.layerTreeView()
cm = mp.createContextMenu()

for action in cm.actions():
    # Need text value ,this object not have ObjectName
    if action.text() == "Exportar":
    #print (action.objectName())

class CustomMenuProvider(QgsLayerTreeViewMenuProvider):

  def __init__(self, view, actions):
    self.view = view
    self.defaultActions = actions

  def createContextMenu(self):
    if not self.view.currentLayer():
      return None
    m = QMenu()
    return m

provider = CustomMenuProvider(ltv, cm.actions())

Menu "Settings" => "Interface Customization" in the Menus/mProjectMenu disable mActionSaveProjectAs

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    That is option to disable QGIS's project, but not the layer, is that ? – Ahsan Mukhtar Jan 22 at 11:45

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