How can I update MGRS coordinates in the attribute table of a point feature, when the position of points has been added without using a tool that creates a new feature?

I am not using a special extension for ArcGIS 10.3.

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    The ArcGIS Convert Coordinate Notation Tool will output MGRS coordinates. It is located in the Projections and Transformations Toolbox of Data Management. This is available at any license level.
    – klewis
    Jan 17 '18 at 20:34

First, make sure both the X and Y fields you already have are up to date, as moving features does not update these automatically. Re-calculate Geometry. In a model, I would make these updates a precondition of the MGRS update step.

I have several short Python field calculation scripts. They are designed for my area of interest, so you will have to generalize this sample:

def mgrse(easting):

if (easting < 500000): return "M" else: return "N"

def mgrsn(northing):
   if (northing < 3900000):
   return "U"
   return "V"

mgrse( !CoordinateX! ) + mgrsn( !CoordinateY! ) + " " + str( !CoordinateX! )[1:6]  +  " " + str(!CoordinateY!)[2:7] 

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