This link , use ee.Algorithms.Landsat.TOA(input) to convert a raw Landsat scene to top-of-atmosphere reflectance (TOA). I am trying to convert a collection of raw Landsat 8 scenes (LANDSAT/LC8 ) to top-of-atmosphere reflectance (TOA):

//Filter USGS Landsat 8 Raw Scenes base on a point location (geometry)
//then Apply TOA algorithm to the raw collection:
var rawcollection = LC8.filterBounds(geometry); 
var TOA = ee.Algorithms.Landsat.TOA(rawcollection);

Earth Engine reply that this is Invalid type. Expected: Image. So how to apply ee.Algorithms.Landsat.TOA to an ImageCollection?

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As the error message suggests, the ee.Algorithms.Landsat.TOA() expects an image, not image collection. If you want to apply this method to images within image collection - map a function, see https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/ic_mapping

Usually, you don't need to run the method yourself, instead, you can use TOA image collections directly. Current recommended Landsat image collection is Tier 1: Landsat 8 TOA Tier 1

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