I would like to transform coordinates (e.g. WGS84 or Bejing1954) to a topocentric system.

There seem to be several EPSG codes for this (5819, 5820, 5821, 15594, found here or here) but none of them is working with PROJ.4

It just shows the message: no options found in 'init' file

I saw that it is possible to define a custom transformation in PROJ using several parameters, but since I am not familiar with this I have no clue how to do it.

Is this possible at all? And i f yes, could someone help me to compile the correct set of parameters?


Currently it does not seem to be supported in PROJ. With the latest version, I used the projinfo command:

$ projinfo -s "WGS84" -t "epsg:5819"
Candidate operations found: 1
Operation n°1:

unknown id, Inverse of Null geographic offset from WGS 84 to WGS 84 + EPSG topocentric example A, 0 m, World

PROJ string:
Error when exporting to PROJ string: Unsupported conversion method: Geographic/topocentric conversions

The error Unsupported conversion method: Geographic/topocentric conversions seems to indicate that this is not supported at this time.

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