I'm new to python and trying to write a python script using the field calculator in ArcMap for a specific field in an attribute table that will calculate and place the values in the other field. My Pre-logic Script Code:

def calcVal(inVal):
    values = {
    if inVal in values.keys():
        return values[inVal]

Character “A” in 1st condition ("BABBBBBBBB":1) is non english character. Field calculator does not recognize this text value. Coding is UTF8.

Is a special symbols in python with who I can substitute this non-english character, like % or *?

Or, it is possible to configure this code to recognize UTF8 coding?

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For how to deal with non-ASCII characters in python, have a look at string encoding. Frankly, this is a pain in the rear in python 2, made much easier in python 3. You can mitigate this somewhat by using unicode literals.

Notice, however, that to save a non-ASCII character to any column in a table, that layer will need to be set to whichever encoding you're using.

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