I have a 'name' field with composite name; numbers and words e.g. "1237, Café"

I managed extract the part number with Field Calculator and make a new field (see 1) with this expression

left( "Name" , strpos( "Name" ,'\s') - 1)

But I can´t find the way to extract the part names - just words!

If I use this

regexp_replace( "Name" , '\W', ' ')

Creating a new field result only fields with numbers...(see 2)

EDITED: correction; the results with only numbers; if the type is "whole number (integer)"!!

Updating the 'name' field, result the same fields only without ','... e.g. "1234 Café"

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    To get the words only, you could try something like: regexp_replace( "name",'[\\d,]','')
    – cm1
    Commented Jan 17, 2018 at 20:55

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Example: "1237, Café"

  1. To extract the number to a new field 'addr_num'

In the Field Calculator

  • New Field: 'addr_num'
  • Type: Whole number (integer)
  • Lenght: 10


left( "Name" , strpos( "Name" ,'\s') - 1)

[see post]

Result "1237"

  1. To extract the 'name' part to a new field 'new_name'

In the Field Calculator

  • New Field: 'new_name'
  • Type: Text (string)
  • Lenght: 80


regexp_replace( "name",'[\d,]','')

Result: " Café"

Credit: @cm1

But to trim spaces:

trim( regexp_replace ( "name",'[\d,]','') )




\s - whitespace

\d - digit

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