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I am looking for an opensource web based metadata management tool for geographic data. I have gone through a related question: Seeking Open Source ISO Metadata Editor? First of all it was asked six years ago. And it recommends tool like Geonetwork. Geonetwork at first looked promising but has several issues while installing (tried on windows). i am unable to install it despite asking for help on several forums.

I have gone through this link listing quite a few tools : https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Metadata_software

If anyone has had experience with any of it kindly share.

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Take a look at GeoNode. My colleagues and I have been using it for a while to set up a Spatial Data Infrastructure. It bundles PostGIS, GeoServer and GeoExplorer, to create a sort of a Content Management System for geospatial data. It's pretty interesting that I can just drag a shapefile to the browser and GeoNode will upload it to PostGis, register it on GeoServer and give me a form to fill in the metadata.

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