Is there a way to remove an overlap from multiple polygons to make one final polygon?..programmatically, I am using the GeoTools or/and OpenGIS/JTS.. any ideas to put me on the right path...

example initialenter image description here:

final: enter image description here

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You need to create a GeometryCollection of the polygons that you wish to join and then call .union() on it.

So you'll need some code like:

String lines = "/tmp/ian.shp";
GeometryFactory factory = new GeometryFactory();
Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
params.put("url", URLs.fileToUrl(new File(lines)));
DataStore ds = DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(params);
String name = ds.getTypeNames()[0];
SimpleFeatureSource source = ds.getFeatureSource(name);
SimpleFeatureCollection features = source.getFeatures();
try (SimpleFeatureIterator itr = features.features()) {
  ArrayList<Geometry> geometries = new ArrayList<>();

  while (itr.hasNext()) {
    SimpleFeature f = itr.next();
    Geometry geom = (Geometry) f.getDefaultGeometry();
    SimpleFeatureCollection others = source
        .getFeatures(ECQL.toFilter("intersects(the_geom," + geom.toText() + ")"));

    try (SimpleFeatureIterator oiter = others.features()) {
      while (oiter.hasNext()) {
        geometries.add((Geometry) oiter.next().getDefaultGeometry());

    GeometryCollection geometryCollection = (GeometryCollection) factory.buildGeometry(geometries);

    Geometry union = geometryCollection.union();

  • Thank you for the solution, this worked perfectly when polygons are touching.
    – Jeryl Cook
    Jan 31, 2018 at 13:59

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