I have this working query:

FROM my_table
WHERE my_table.the_geom && ST_MakeEnvelope(-75.97464419082118,39.523869271308314,-72.18532985820512,41.552541030492364);

and this is my (incorrect) attempt to recreate it with geoalchemy:

class ST_MakeEnvelope(GenericFunction):
    name = 'ST_MakeEnvelope'
    type = Geometry

box = "-75.97464419082118,39.523869271308314,-72.18532985820512,41.552541030492364"

results = my_table.query.filter(my_table.the_geom, ST_MakeEnvelope(box)).first()

gives me this error:

sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (psycopg2.ProgrammingError) argument of AND must be type boolean, not type geometry

I have not seen any documentation on how you can use the && operator. Is this possible? I really just need to execute the ST_MakeEnvelope function.


When you are doing

 filter(expr1, expr2)

you are telling SQLAlchemy to join the two expressions with an AND (see Query#filter). That's why you are getting the error message.

Regarding the operator &&, it can be used with function intersects:


Besides, there is a small issue with ST_MakeEnvelope, the coordinates should not be a string:

box = [-75.97464419082118,39.523869271308314,-72.18532985820512,41.552541030492364]
... .filter(my_table.the_geom.intersects(ST_MakeEnvelope(*box)))

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