I have a shapefile of points with 16 fields associated with each point - these four fields are Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 (quadrants). Each quadrant field contains a value that represents a distance from each point in nautical miles.

For example I have a lat/lon point with values: Q1 = 10,
Q2 = 20,
Q3 = 30,
Q4 = 20,

So one point, with 4 rays (one in each quadrant) a Q# distance away from the point, and I want to calculate a round-ish polygon around the point based on these 4 distances.

I need to do this programmatically hopefully using arcpy, numpy, or some other python module.

I was thinking to use the degree-distance tool on arcmap, but I beleive that can only be done by "point and click" and not by an arcpy tool.

Black center point is my point, with the four blue rays extending in each quadrant a distance away from the point, and I want to compute a round-ish polygon connecting these 4 rays

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