I need to multiply several rasters by integers as a part of a multiple steps process. For this reason I'm using QGIS' Processing Modeler.

I'm looking for something similar to the Raster calculator, but it doesn't seem to be available from the Processing Modeler.

I've also tried to use the GRASS r.mapcalculator algorithm (with A my input raster layer, and applying the formula A*100 for example), but it always returns the following error message:

Oooops! The following output layers could not be open
Output raster layer: /tmp/processing/ad0f2935615a472eb6b6b6feb44f3e72/outfile.tif

You can use Raster Product. In the captured image, Constant grid will create a raster layer with cell values defined in the Value input. Then Raster product will multiply Input Raster and Constant grid raster.

(1) SAGA | Raster tools | Constant grid

(2) SAGA | Raster calculus | Raster product

enter image description here

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