In the project am involved with, I am responsible to:

  • store geospatial data in Teradata database
  • join the geometry with other non-geospatial attributes in the database
  • publish them with GeoServer with WMS

All the above requirements are passed actually. However the performance of WMS is noticeably slow, much slower than PostGIS-backed Geoserver.

So I dug into GeoServer log to see what happen behind the screen during WMS request, and i found several lines similar to the below:

2018-01-23 11:47:22,402 INFO [data.teradata] - Tessellation info not available for GEOM, unable to perform spatially indexed query

It seems that the performance is slow because i did not setup Tessellation in Teradata database.

Well, I did not setup Tessellation because it is deprecated. Teradata documentation titled Teradata Database SQL Geospatial Types 14.10, April 2014, (PDF) page 4, says that since the version 14.10 Native indexing (NUSIs) for geospatial data replaces tessellation as the preferred method for improving geospatial performance. Tessellation is deprecated.

So there's something funny here: Teradata document says that Tessellation is not the prefered method for improving performance, therefore is deprecated; but GeoServer expects Tessellation for spatial index.

Can anyone explain this? Or do i simply set Tessellation anyway?

The ecosystem used is:

  • Teradata Database on quite big machine.
  • GeoServer 2.10.1 on JBOSS EAP 6 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit

Looking at the code history the last actual code change is from 2013. The Teradata store has been donated by a developer years ago, he then left and the store has seen no core changes since, so it's not surprising the data source evolved away from the store implementation.

Connectors to proprietary data sources are typically maintained/improved on only during working hours, so I'd recommend to check commercial support: http://geoserver.org/support/

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