I have a draw interaction in Openlayers 4.

I'm using it to draw polygons. I would like to continue drawing the polygon if its area is less than a default value.

I tried using the property finishCondition, but it takes an ol.MapBrowserEvent and feature is not accesible.

finishCondition(event) { /* return (true or false) based on feature */ }

It seems that the event is fired before feature is added to the source so I can't take the feature from the source.

Is there any way to do this?

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Not sure if this is the best solution:

I created a variable whichs points to the feature being drawn:

new ol.interaction.Draw({
      stopClick: true,
      finishCondition: (event) => {
        const area = ol.Sphere.getArea(geomDrawn)
        const [minArea, maxArea] = [20*20, 1500*1500]
        return area > minArea && area < maxArea

And getting the geom from feature change event:

onDrawStart(event) {

  const { feature } = event

  this.listenerDraw = feature.getGeometry().on('change', event => {
    const geom = event.target        
    geomDrawn = geom

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