I'm trying to load a shapefile (link) into my database with shp2pgsql.

shp2pgsql -D -W UTF8 -I -s 4326 scbel01012011_gen13.shp bel | psql -d stat

no problem so far, but when I'm trying to get some informations from the table by using a coordinate I get no results. I checked the table, all data are loaded. Here my query:

SELECT * FROM bel WHERE ST_Intersects(geom,ST_SetSRID(st_makepoint(4.380286, 51.112025), 4326));

Any suggestions?


If you use -s 4326 you are overriding the SRS of the shapefile rather than reprojecting it. You want to use -s 31370:4326 to force the reprojection of the data. So your entire command line becomes (since you can't use -D and reproject):

shp2pgsql -W UTF8 -I -s 31370:4326 scbel01012011_gen13.shp bel | psql -d stat

and your query returns one row:

15;17;"11001A20-";11001;"A20-";"11001A20-";"11001A20-";"11001A20-";"DE KOEKOEK"

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