I've installed QGIS 2.99 to test its new features, particularly the 3D viewer, when I try the following I only see a square, not a 3D cube.

In PostGIS I make a square and extrude it

-- make a square
CREATE TABLE public.square1
    id serial,
    geom geometry,
    CONSTRAINT square1_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

INSERT INTO public.square1 (geom)
SELECT ST_MakePolygon(ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING (0 0, 0 100, 100 100, 100 0, 0 0)')) AS geom;

I add the following sql via the db manager and add as a layer.

ST_SetSRID(ST_Extrude(ST_Buffer(square1.geom, 0),0,0,10), 27700) AS geom
FROM Square1

But I only see 2D geometry, no 3D geometry. I had to set a srid, QGIS would not allow no projection or ESPG:4326

I test the polyhedral for its volume, this is correct

ST_volume(ST_Extrude(ST_Buffer(square1.geom, 0),0,0,10) ) AS volume
FROM Square1

Where have I gone wrong?


Did you enable the 3d renderer ? If not in each layer properties you have to go to the 3D View windows and check the box then set the appropriate parameters

enter image description here

  • I forgot that step! When it is enabled QGIS 2.99 crashes, I've reported it as a bug. Is there any other reason why a sql query via the database manager would cause this problem. I have checked the geometry, it is a polyhedral and the correct volume is calculated. – Spatial Digger Jan 24 '18 at 21:20
  • even using shapefile with z value the 3D viewer crash very often... – J.R Jan 25 '18 at 9:23

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