I am running into an error when running pdal translate on Mac OS High Sierra:

PDAL: Argument references invalid/unused stage: 'filters.voxelgrid'.

This is the command I am using based on a PDAL tutorial on thinning point cloud data:

$ pdal translate -i /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54.laz -o /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54-thinned.laz --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_x=4.5 --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_y=4.5 --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_z=4.5

Essentially, this command thins the point cloud data with a voxel grid algorithm.

I see that the filters.voxelgrid driver is enabled when I call pdal --drivers. I'm using pdal 1.6.0 which was installed using brew install pdal. I am also running pcl 1.8.1_2, which was installed by default during the brew install of pdal.

What might be causing this error and how can I resolve it?

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pdal translate requires the filter type voxelgrid.

The correct syntax is as follows:

$ pdal translate -i /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54.laz -o /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54-thinned.laz voxelgrid --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_x=4.5 --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_y=4.5 --filters.voxelgrid.leaf_z=4.5

Same command with each parameter separated for legibility:

$ pdal translate \
-i /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54.laz \
-o /Users/aaron/temp/1958-09-54-thinned.laz \
voxelgrid \
--filters.voxelgrid.leaf_x=4.5 \
--filters.voxelgrid.leaf_y=4.5 \

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