I use two computers, one with ArcGIS 10.2, the other one uses 10.5. I know, i can use "save a copy" to save he project for the older version of ArcGIS, but then, it is just a copy.

Is it possible to use a project in 10.5 and save it for the 10.2 version in a standard way?

Like just clicking on "save" and it always overwrites the 10.2 version although using 10.5?


No, ArcGIS 10.5 will always save an MXD file as a v10.5 MXD unless you use save as option. @BERA This ESRI tech support article states:

After migrating to another version of ArcGIS, older map documents are upgraded to the installed version the next time they are saved. To share the map documents with older ArcGIS clients, use the Save A Copy command from the ArcMap File menu to save each map document.

The article does provide a Python solution for saving to an earlier version though.

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  • How do you know this? Is it documented somewhere? – BERA Jan 29 '18 at 6:22

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