I've installed spyder 3.2.6 with pip from the OSGeo console. There is a spyder.exe file in ~\OSGeo4W64\apps\Python27\Scripts and the Spyder package directories show up in site-packages. If I run the executable, the IDE does not appear and there are no error outputs in the console. Visibly, absolutely nothing happens.

I've looked at

  1. Using Spyder IDE to develop python for Grass GIS, get 'ImportError: No module named grass.script'
  2. How to control QGIS from within Anaconda's Spyder (Continuum Analytics Python distribution) in Windows

Following those exchanges, I do notice that I don't have a spyder.bat file, which I assumes just calls spyder.exe and some other things.

Has anyone else tried Spyder with the latest GRASS and had any success?

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