I have two rasters, on precipitation and population, and the precipitation raster is at a larger resolution.

I am interested in creating a table which tells me all of the values of the smaller resolution population rasters for each larger resolution precipitation raster. For instance:

enter image description here

I know how to do this with ArcGIS (using Tabulate Intersect), but I do not have access to ArcGIS at the moment.

I am looking to conduct this analysis for 15 countries for about 240 months.

Here is a visual example for Austria:

  • Here, the precipitation data is at larger resolution in the purples and blues, for one month (Jan 1991)
  • The population data is in the smaller resolution in the greens

enter image description here

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In QGIS Processing Toolbox, go to SAGA | Vector <-> raster.

enter image description here

(1) Run Raster values to points tool to extract values from your finer grid cells (your population) to a new point layer.

(2) Then using this point layer and the coarse grid (your precipitation) raster layer, run Add raster values to points.

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