I have 16 different origin-destination route’s shapefile. 16 line shapefiles are different. I want to overlay these lines and find the common segments of these overlays routes. Suppose, one line is A-B, another is P-Q, another one is X-Y; I want to know how many routes go through C-D segment, how many go through E-F segment. I mean I want to separate the number of the routes by link.

How can I do this?

I imported the shapefiles from google map and shapefile have no feature class.



To do this I would try using the Intersect tool on your 16 shapefiles because it:

Computes a geometric intersection of the input features. Features or portions of features which overlap in all layers and/or feature classes will be written to the output feature class.

However, to fully analyse the number of linear features that overlay you will probably need to use the Overlay Route Events tool (from Linear Referencing) which:

Overlays two or more linear event feature layers against a target network and outputs a feature class or event table that represents the dynamic segmentation of the inputs.

  • I tried. I when I try for 16 all, it shows warning 000953 and warning 000117. I am actually new to GIS, so I don't know much about this. I appreciate your help. Thanks. – Mahmudul Chayan Jan 29 '18 at 2:58
  • I understand that this may shows as there is no single common section for all 16 routes. I should specify my question again. From these 16 routes, I need those segment of the routes which have used as minimum more than one route. I also need to know, those common section used as common section for how many routes. Thanks. – Mahmudul Chayan Jan 29 '18 at 4:17

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