I'm working in a GIS program with C++ and in this moment, i'm working in my raster visor.

I need reproject my Raster in ejecution time, but i dont want create a output file with this reprojected Raster. For this reason i can't use GDALWarp.

Does anyone have any idea how to reproject the raster without creating a new output file?

I think if I got the GeoTransform information from the reprojected Raster it would be enough

  • You can use GDALWarp. Suggest you investigate outputting to MEM format, or use the /vsimem virtual filesystem to output an in-memory geotiff/VRT/other preferred raster format (i.e. write to /vsimem/somerandomfilename.tif). Assuming you are using the GDALWarpOperation method, not the gdalwarp command line tool. See gdal.org/warptut.html
    – user2856
    Jan 29, 2018 at 10:32

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You need to use an in-memory raster dataset with the MEM driver. This will create a raster in the RAM and not require a file on the filesystem. Once the in-memory raster is created you can utilize it just like any other GDALDataset.

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