I have a few thousand polygons, all of them with an area bigger than 15m2. Some of them can have quite 'strange'shapes, like being very long and very narrow. I need to identify those polygons that can FULLY contain within them at least one square of 1.25m per side. Is there any way to do this with ArcGIS Pro?


Use the 'Minimum Bounding Geometry' in ArcGIS. Ensure you have checked the 'Add geometry characteristics as attributes to output'option. This option will add fields 'MBG_Length, and MBD_Width' to your output layer. Now check that the MBG_Length, and MBD_Width of each polygon are greater than 2.25 m.

If greater than 2.25m then the polygon can completely contain a square geometry of 2.25 sqm

enter image description here

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    These steps do not guarantee I can extract those polygons that can fully contain at least one square of X m2 (X equals 2.25 in my case). – Pitrako Junior Jan 29 '18 at 19:49

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