I am trying to modify the data source of a raster layer in python, then update my composer and finally save it.

To modify my data source I found what is needed here: https://geogear.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/changing-qgis-layer-datasource-with-python/

The problem is that I lose the symbology of this layer in the legend of my composer. I tried different codes but none update my composer legend :


for i in iface.activeComposers()[0].composition().items():
    if isinstance(i,QgsComposerLegend):
        legend = i

The only solution I found at the moment is to use the "setAutoUpdateModel" method on my legend and switch to True / False Auto Update to force the legend's update, but this solution is not optimal.

=> I wish I could just update the symbology for a particular layer in the legend of my compose (a bit like when in the interface of my composer I click on my legend then in "property of the object" right clicks on my layer and "back to default").

Would anyone have an idea to do that?


I have found a solution here : Changing legend item text with pyQGIS?

My new code :

for legendLyr in iface.mapCanvas().layers():
        renderer = legendLyr.renderer()
        myRenderer = renderer.clone()

Now my composer legend is refresh !



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