I have multiple pictures with 8 bit indexed colors (0-255). In the end I want some of the colors at specific index values. Black has to be value 0 and white 255. Is there a possibility in ArcGIS to change the index position of colors? If not, maybe there is some different solution?

  • If I understand you well, you want to create a colormap file? This way, you encode color easily. – sequoia Jan 31 '18 at 19:42
  • I already have a colormap for my picture. I just want to switch some of the index values to another position without changing colors in the picture itself. For example: Currently white has the value 7 and black the value 132, in the final colormap I want them to have the value 255 and 0, but the actual colors have to stay. – aldec Feb 1 '18 at 8:56

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