I am trying to figure out how to merge line features within the same feature class such that particular fields will be summed. For example, in the following picture I have two lines that I wish to sum the "TRVLTIM" or travel time field, such that the merged line has a value of 0.055737.

enter image description here

I have tried setting up a domain with the "Merge Policy" set to "Sum Values" and applying it to this field, but as described on the following ArcGIS help page, the "Merge" button in the editor toolbar ignores merge policies.

Is it possible to prevent the editor merge tool from ignoring domains?

I want to repeat this process for several roads. I am aware that geoprocessing tools exist that can perform this sum, but it would be impractical to recreate this massive roadway feature class every time I want to merge.


You can Dissolve tool to merge the lines with same IDs and use Statistical Field to sum the lines merged together. The Dissolve tool located in ArcToolbox -> Data Management Tools -> Generalization -> Dissolve

In the following Sample, I have lines with two fields: id and TT.

enter image description here

I dissolved the lines based on id field and I added the TT under Statistical Field and used SUM to sum all values under TT field.

enter image description here

The output will be merged lines with summed TT values

enter image description here

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