I'm having issues with the translation of my Qgis plugin.

static const QString sName = QObject::tr( "Editeur Monoscopique 3D" );

MyClass::MyClass( QgisInterface * theQgisInterface ): QgisPlugin( sName) {

QSettings tSettings;
QString qsUserLocale = tSettings.value( "locale/userLocale", "" ).toString();

    if ( ( qsUserLocale != "fr_FR" ) && ( qsUserLocale != "fr" ) )
            QString qsTranslationPath = ":/prefix/en_US.qm" ;
            QFileInfo tFileInfo (qsTranslationPath) ;
            if (tFileInfo.exists())
                    //QTranslator translator;
                    if (m_tTranslator.load( "en_US", ":/prefix" ) )


The problem is that sName is declared before installing the translator
qApp->installTranslator(&m_tTranslator); and so its text is not translated !
How can I fix this?


You need to implement name() anyway, so I would consider sName as the internal name and set up another member value to hold the user-visible name. Set its final value after installing the translator and most cases should be covered.

  • The problem is that Qgis plugin manager takes what is held in "sName" to be displayed so even if I set up another member value to hold the name it won't be taken to display by the plugin manager !
    – QgisTn
    Jun 8 '12 at 8:56
  • I suggest you file a bug/feature request on hub.qgis.org/projects/quantum-gis then. C++ plugins bundled with QGIS don't have this problem, since they use the main QGIS translation domain. You could maybe also hack around the issue by abusing the non-const return-by-reference name() variant, but I wouldn't advise it. Jun 8 '12 at 12:36

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