I am trying to find a way to combine multiple data points into one based on the same latitude longitude in a dataset. Basically too many labels appear for one point.

Example data

Name     Latitude     Longitude     Time
John     12.34567     -12.34567     10:42 AM
Marley   98.76543     -98.76543     11:52 AM
Alex     98.76543     -98.76543     12:00 PM
Heather  12.34567     -12.34567     9:16 AM
Angie    12.34567     -12.34567     5:47 PM

I am trying to combine this is a way so that the time labels will appear as one for the same latitude and longitude points. Is there an easy automated way to accomplish this?

Example output

Name                        Latitude     Longitude     Time
John \n Heather \n Angie     12.34567     -12.34567    10:42 AM \n 9:16 AM \n 5:47 PM
Marley \n Alex               98.76543     -98.76543    11:52 AM \n 12:00 PM

It does not need to be in the above format with newlines. Just trying to think of ways to do this.

  • Thank you Felix. I am trying the bottom function from the Nov 2016 update. I have placed the expression in my label expression but I am receiving an error message that FindLabel is not defined. Also what will I need to label my latlong fields for this to work? Thank you for your help! Feb 9, 2018 at 17:44
  • No need in xy field.Tested on point shapefiles, label stored in field "muid". Layer is the 1st in table of content.
    – FelixIP
    Feb 9, 2018 at 19:06


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