I "wrote" a model using the graphical modeller which uses GDALs "translate" to convert one geotiff to one georeferenced jpeg. The model simply tells, which is the desired CRS and - most important - omits all otherwise manually necessary settings. I then start the model as a batch process, since the conversion has to be done 350 times, loading all the to be converted files. For me it works fine. For a colleague on the other hand, who would like to use this model, QGis asks for every file for a CRS.

Do you have any suggestions, why this could happen and how we could fix it?

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    From the menubar: Settings > Options > CRS > CRS for new layers, make sure the Prompt for CRS option is not selected. – Joseph Feb 2 '18 at 16:16

In order to mark this question as answered, I want to point anyone with the same problem to Joseph's comment.

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