I can’t figure out how to do this in QGIS. I tried gdal and SAGA raster calculator in QGIS. Here is the situation: I have two raster for the same area in the same projection with the same extent and the same resolution.

Raster A (has integer values from 1 to 5)

Raster B (has values from 1 to 7)

The calculation should do the following: if a cell in raster B is >= 3, make the cell for raster A + 1. So the result should be the whole raster A, but cell values in raster A where raster B is bigger than 3 should be +1. My formula so far (for GDAL):


But the result is missing all values lower then 3. Anyone any suggestions?


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As to the SAGA Raster calculator (QGIS Processing Toolbox | SAGA | Raster calculus | Raster calculator).

SAGA formula is:

ifelse(or(b > 3,  b = 3), a + 1, a)

A catch is that b >= 3 becomes OR(b>3, b=3). OR(x,y) returns true (1), if at least one of both x, y is true.

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