I have File Geodatabases that I created in ArcCatalog and ArcMap 10.5. I am trying to open maps in ArcGIS Pro from these File Geodatabases, but when using the "import Map" tool only folders show up, and no Geodatabases. If I use the "+Connections >> Add Database >> Select Existing Geodatabase" tool my file Geodatabases show up and I can connect to them, but none of the .mxd files are shown, only feature classes, toolboxes, python scripts, and .csv's.

How do I connect to a .mxd file within a file Geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro?

picture of opening map in .gdb saving map in .gdb


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From your picture it appears that you have saved an MXD file into the same Windows folder that contains the files making up your file geodatabase.

I think that is an unwise practice.

From your comment it appears that moving the MXD file out of the file geodatabase's folder has resolved this for you.


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