In GML there is this tag:


I am looking for the conceptual meaning of it, but i only find syntax explanations.


Informally, its a single "entity" that is modelled in the data - like a row in a database or shapefile.

For example in this segment, each featureMember is an airport:

    <airports fid="0">
      <NAME>Bigfork Municipal Airport</NAME>
      <LAT>     47.7789</LAT>
      <LON>    -93.6500</LON>
      <ELEVATION>   1343.0000</ELEVATION>
    <airports fid="1">
      <NAME>Bolduc Seaplane Base</NAME>
      <LAT>     47.5975</LAT>
      <LON>    -93.4106</LON>
      <ELEVATION>   1325.0000</ELEVATION>
      <QUADNAME>Balsam Lake</QUADNAME>

Note that not all valid GML files will contain featureMember tags, because GML schemas may define other tags to contain their features. For example, cityGML has a cityObject tag.

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