I am using Arcmap 10.6, when I have only limited number of enterprise layers loaded, the snapping experience process is painful. My cursor turns to "Busy" shape (the blue circle) and can't snap to the feature. I have no idea why it happens. Any solution?

Notes: Everything is hosted on a server through a Virtual Machine. The virtual machine includes all the mapping software for an enterprise level, along with SQL 2012.

Mapping Software: Version 10.6

ArcGIS Server

Portal for ArcGIS

Two ArcGIS Web Adaptors

SQL Server 2012

Operating System

Windows Server 2012 R2


32 gigs

Internet Bandwidth

50/50 mbps up/down


  1. Rebuilt the entire map..
  2. Checked the map's data source in ArcCatalog
  3. Ran MXD Doctor
  4. Restarted ArcGIS services in Services
  5. Set the Default map as Default_old and generated another Default map
  6. Full Compression (Includes Reconcile & Post w/ Rebuild Indexes) Python ~ nightly routine w/ log (Successful)
  7. Restricted memory limits in SQL
  8. Checked the snapping tool bar
  9. Checked the tables
  10. Restarted the database
  • I'm guessing you are consuming the feature classes through a feature service. If you consume the database feature classes directly in ArcMap through a database connection instead of a feature service do you see the same problem?
    – Dowlers
    Feb 21, 2018 at 0:00

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I had identical experience. It was necessary to compress SDE to a state of 0 (reconcile and post all versions to default), then removing all named versions and replicas. After that, compress SDE states using compress tool. Then rebuild indexes - and this is important - both through the geodatabase rebuild index tool AND through SQL using index commands.

After that, I rebuilt the versions and snapping was returned. Now we go through these steps frequently, as data changes will require a robust indexing.

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