I'm want to publish with qgis2web my qgis project. The shapefile, point type needs to be a pop-up image, this image must be from Google Drive.

From Google Drive I made to image public and copy the image link to the atribute field is exactly this: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/NattSenOrovPTKCV3xl7mN4HevVW_BIThT4t5Ew605fZDrT6QeFnftVtS8fJn1Vlg-7Wto-cnxe5WHI=w1920-h858

But result is only a weblink and not a nice pop-up image.

How do I solve it?

I use: Qgis 2.14, Windows, Chrome, Qgis2web 2.33 version (latest version)


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In the Gist you linked to in the comment, change line 92 to the following:

<td colspan="2"><img src="' + feature.properties['Photo'] + '" /></td>\

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