Is there anyway to add the feature id column which increases automatically in attribute table programmatically? Here is a code to add a column:

fields = []
fields.append(QgsField('SOIL_ID', QVariant.Double))

But I want to add a column whose name is 'id' and it should increase in order without my touch.

  • I edit my question. There is the code to add the column. But I want to describe type for instance 'autoincrease' not 'double' or 'int'. Feb 5, 2018 at 6:27

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If you just want to create a new field with incrementing values, you could try using the following:

vLayer = iface.activeLayer()

fields = []
fields.append(QgsField('ID', QVariant.Double))

i = 0
with edit(vLayer):  
    for feature in vLayer.getFeatures():
        feature.setAttribute(feature.fieldNameIndex('ID'), i)
        i += 1

This worked in a previous 2.99 version I had installed. I just updated a few minutes ago and there is now an error when trying to open the Python Console - Bug report posted.

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