I want to organize the plugins to make QGIS open faster and get more memory from PC, but I don´t know what plugins are crucial for QGIS.

The Core plugins seems to be different...

Is there a place to see what are the plugins installed with QGIS at the very beginning?

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    If you go into your QGIS directory (e.g. /QGIS 2.18/apps/qgis/plugins/), you can see the core providers and plugins which come with the installation. As @AndreJ mentioned, you cannot uninstall these from the manager so if you find one which you can uninstall, it would be an external plugin.
    – Joseph
    Feb 5 '18 at 10:38

No plugins are really crucial to run QGIS. It just depends what you need.

You can uncheck all plugins, and uninstall all non-core plugins from the plugin manager. Core plugins can't be uninstalled with the manager.

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