In my PostgreSQL/PostGIS I need to create FDW to an instance of Teradata Database. My aim is to get attributic-nonspatial data from the Teradata. I opted to use OGR_FDW instead of ODBC_FDW as this article recommends OGR_FDW as the performance is generally better, and the fact that I am using PostGIS in my PostgreSQL DB.

In order to create the FDW with OGR_FDW I have to do several steps that include CREATE SERVER, CREATE USER MAPPING, and IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA. Unfortunately I can not find example specifically for Teradata ODBC. I need to now what are the accepted OPTIONS values for Teradata ODBC.

So then I read several reference: (1) by Paul Ramsey and (2) by Leo Hsu & Regina Obe .

The one from Paul Ramsey states that we can use command ogr_fdw_info to generate server and table definition, but I do not understand what is the datasource used in the ogr_fdw_info call?

I have the config for the Teradata in my PostgreSQL server. As the PostgreSQL server is with Windows Server i made it in the ODBC Data Source Administrator 64-bit, as system Data Sources:


And subsequent connection test was a success:

enter image description here

However, when I tried to use this tdprod in the ogr_fdw_info call, but the ogr_fdw_info does not recognize it:

enter image description here

I tried to create th remote server anyway, but failed:

enter image description here

Can anyone :

  1. show me how to issue ogr_fdw_info with my Teradata ODBC so i can get the CREATE SERVER scripts? or
  2. point me to example of setting up OGR_FDW to Teradata ODBC?

My environment is:

  • PostgreSQL 9.6.1 64-bit & PostGIS 2.3.3
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard, 64-bit
  • Remote datasource: Teradata Database version
  • Teradata ODBC Driver 16.20 64-bit
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Re 1.

If you want to use a registered ODBC DSN (e.g. 'tdprod'), you can run:

ogr_fdw_info -s "ODBC:tdprod"

May you need to authenticate (e.g. as '{user}' with a '{password}'), then:

ogr_fdw_info -s "ODBC:{user}/{password}@tdprod"

If ogr_fdw_info supports some database natively, you can also specify a whole specific connection string by yourself:

ogr_fdw_info -s "{protocol}:server={server_name};port={port};uid={user};pwd={password}[;{etc.}]"

Re 2.

OGR_FDW is a abstraction layer so creating a server for Teradata isn't different from creating a server for MS SQL except for a connection string you give in the server's options.

Some examples are:

a. SQL commands - http://www.postgresonline.com/journal/archives/339-OGR-foreign-data-wrapper-on-Windows-first-taste.html - and a very detailed post by Regina - Import SQL Server Spatial Data into PostGIS;

b. pgAdmin4 - https://www.pgadmin.org/docs/pgadmin4/1.x/foreign_server_dialog.html Please, note that in an ogr_fdw server's case you don't create explicit user mapping. If needed, it can be given implicitely in datasource connection string.

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