We are having a problem with fast drag event on the new esri js 4.6 api. When a user drags the map too fast, the map extent's changes rapidly. I've detected that on a fast drag, there's an animation event, which is not documented. The goTo() function also fires an animation, but it accepts duration, speed and easing as parameters. A hacky solution is submitted as an answer, I'm still looking for a straight api approach.

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In the drag event I've changed the value of a global 'myDrag' variable to true
view.on('drag', function () { myDrag = true; })

This code is used to detect an active animation and to stop it if it's resulted from a drag event
(In order not to prevent all animations).
watchUtils.when(view, "animation", function(animation) { if (myDrag) animation.stop(); // Stops the animation. });
And reset the myDrag variable in the stationary state
watchUtils.whenTrue(view, "stationary", function(e) { myDrag = false; });

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