I have found a basemap, the OSM (Mapnik SW) map, that I would like to incorporate into a project in ArcMap. It has a great blend of gray scale methods to denote urban areas, terrain, and water features, while the gray scale leaves room for thematic layers.

The link to the map is here:


My issue is that I need the map labels to be in English throughout the map. Unfortunately when I zoom into a non-English speaking region, like Taiwan, the basemap displays labels in Taiwanese.

Does anyone know of a similar basemap with English labels, preferably OSM Mapnik SW styled or a way to change these labels to English?


The "Light-all" layer from Carto might be what you are looking for.

Go to:


And in the bottom right corner, select the "light_all" layer.


stamen toner is black/white with all labels in English.

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