I need to transform some line and polygon geometry to WGS 84.

enter image description here

At point it working fine, but at the line and polygone I have problems, I tried in many ways, but it does not work. In the screenshot you can see the geom Coordinates. How can I transform to WGS 84?

  • What projection are your data in now? Have you tried reprojecting in open source software like QGIS? – lambertj Feb 7 '18 at 15:23

If you can add your code will be better to understand.. However, this function helps you to convert your geometry to WGS-84

var ProjLayer = new ol.Layer.Vector("vector", {
           projection: map.displayProjection,
           preFeatureInsert: function(feature) {
           feature.geometry.transform([yourprojection],projWGS84);   //change here to your data projection

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