I'm having trouble opening an ArcGIS ImageServer layer in QGIS. The city of Fort Worth, TX has a 2017 ortho imagery service which can be opened in ArcGIS. I've tried to connect to it as a WMS Layer and as an ArcGIS MapServer Layer through QGIS, both of which prompt a bad request error message.

This is the link that shows in the ArcGIS layer properties:



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I am having the same issue with a Loudoun County, VA ImageService for 2017 orthographic satellite imagery:


I partially overcame this issue by accessing their Imagery folder as opposed to their Aerial folder. Their imagery folder came with a WMTS link, which works with "Add WMS/WMTS Layer", but the projection is off and I cannot seem to reproject it properly. I doubt it is an issue with the county's data and I presume it is a limitation inside of QGIS that is preventing me from solving this issue. I noticed your server has a WMTS option for the 2015 imagery, which may provide you a less than optimal workaround. Hopefully you don't have the same issue as me, where projections are concerned.


Hey i found this plugin to be useful: https://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/ImageServerConnector/


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