I have points that fall in the middle of city streets (so not at an intersection). I would like to automate (ideally, with python) a way to identify the cross streets that these points are between. For example, in the screenshot, the point falls on West 231 Street. I would like to find a way to automate a result that returns Palisade Avenue and Independence Avenue. My points file has columns for these cross streets, with the ultimate goal of placing those selected values there.

enter image description here

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This ESRI blog post and a subsequent response provide a good start to this.

They recommend unsplitting the lines (to account for attribute changes in the lines which aren't representative of actual intersections), then use the resulting layer in the Intersect tool to output individual points (the intersections). These points are then spatially joined to the intersecting streets.

A second spatial join (see the response, linked above) adds the intersection field to the roads layer.

If you need the intersection points themselves, you can use cursor to iterate through the individual points and select by attributes which contain the streetname. Depending on the extent of your data, you may wish to combine this with a select by location first to limit intersections with similar names.

Otherwise if you just need the intersection streetnames, try splitting the blog's proposed "IntersectionList" field on the "&" and writing the results to your columns. Be sure to account for situations where more than two streets intersect (e.g. 3 road intersection) -- you may need to adjust the number of columns you are using to store this in the attribute table (check the Join_Count field the post states is created automatically during the spatial join).

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