I am creating a database from datafiles. I encountered many fails and errors, which I have already fixed (also with the help of this Q&A web). Now I am stucked a bit in decoding of 6 files because I totally don't know in what format they are coded.

Those files are:



They are binary and when I open them in hexa (in console with od -c "filename"), I see the first 3 files have

"\0 \0 \0 G F S S I G \0 003 017 ="

on the first line and the next 3 files have

"\0 \0 \0 G F S S F C \0 003 017 ="

on the first line and after that all those 6 files have binary data.

All I know is that I downloaded them from directory http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/modeldata/cmd_HIC/2010/201012/20101231/ (any of the 4 .tar.gz files) and the link to this directory I have from http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/data.php#CFSR-data -> High Resolution Initial Conditions HTTP link. All the datafiles contain geo data in a grid, I think that those 6 files store land values. First 3 files have 227MB, the other 3 files have 117MB.

I am already quite insane how non-documented the files are, but it's still the best source for the needed data to my database. There is probably some documentation of the files, but I haven't found any. There was about 20 dataset files in those .tar.gzs, the majority I already decoded. If I knew just the format of these files, I would convert them easily, but link to the documentation of these files with structure and filetypes would be the best.

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