I have Published a Shapefile as a Hosted Layer on ArcGIS Online.

I now want to run some Queries on it, which will include a Group by query, which can supposedly be done by using the outStatistics & groupByFieldsForStatistics parameters.

The Help for the outStatistics says that

outStatistics is supported on only those layers/tables that indicate supportsStatistics is true.

How Do I enable this supportsStatistics on my hosted feature service?

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As the Documentation for Layer/Table States:

supportsStatistics would return false in the following scenarios:

  • The layer / table resides in a workspace other than an enterprise or file geodatabase.
  • The layer / table has more than one join defined on it.
  • The layer / table is joined with another layer / table from a different workspace.
  • The layer / table has an "outer" join and where the workspace is a pre-10.1 Geodatabase and application server connection is used.

Since the Source of this hosted layer is a shapefile, it does not support queryies with Statitistics.

The Solution is to Create a File Geodatabase with this data, and create a Hosted service from it. Only then will you have supportsStatistics enabled.

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