I have a raster layer with pixel values of 1 and 0. I would like to extract values from several other, overlaying, raster layers for all the cells that equal 1.

Is there any ArcMap tool similar to extract multi values to point that I could use?

  • Perhaps Con is what you're after though it's not clear what you're actually trying to do.. do you have a binary (1-0) raster for each of the several rasters you wish to extract the values from? Can you expand on what rasters you have and what your intended result is. Also it's really important when dealing with ArcGIS and rasters to state whether you have access to extensions and which ones; The most important is Spatial Analyst but in some cases 3d Analyst is required or useful. Feb 12, 2018 at 0:49

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The tool you want is called the Sample Tool. It requires the Spatial Analyst extension. The input location can be a raster or point features. I've never tried it with a raster, but it should work with what you have. However, you will need to convert your zero values to Null first using the SetNull tool.

From the documentation:

When the input location is a raster, the set of location cells consists of all cells that have a value of zero or greater. Cells that have NoData values are not included in the location set. A location raster can be easily created using the extraction tools.


When the location input is raster, for best results, the cell size and registration of the input rasters and the location raster should be the same.

You can input your other rasters and the output will be a table with attributes from values at all your 1 values.

More about how the Sample Tool works here.

  • Hi Fezter, thanks a lot for your help. The sample tool was exactly what I was looking for. I used the Set Null tool first as you suggested and it worked perfectly.
    – Lilly_159
    Feb 12, 2018 at 9:16

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