For a suitability analysis I need to sum up three raster layers a,b,cconsidering different conditions. let's say, output layer is d.

I'd prefer Open Source Software, particularly QGIS (with SAGA, GRASS, R extension)

All three layers have the cell values: NoData; 1 (noGo); 2 (very bad); 3 (critical); 4 (good); 5 (mustGo).

I have the following conditions:

if a=1 OR b=1 or c=1 then d=1
if a=5 OR b=5 or c=5 then d=5
else d=(a+b+c)/("number of raster with value between 2 and 4")


a=2, b=4, c=1 --> d=1
a=5, b=4, c=2 --> d=5
a=5, b=4, c=3 --> d=(5+4+3)/(1+1+1)=4
a=4, b=4, c=NoData --> d= (4+4)/(1+1)=4

With SAGA GIS Raster Calculator, this formula worked:



Is there any way, for a better/cleaner formula? This one is so clumpy. I could also do 0 instead of NoData.


I've just realized, that the formula doesn't work properly. As you can see here: The NoDatavalue in raster a curtains the calculation to the lines (roads) which have values in raster a.Actually, I'd expect (3+2)/(1+1)=3.5here. (I took a cell somewhere in the black area)enter image description here

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