Do you know any tool that provides that? I need to manipulated GTFS file but I would like to have data available in any well-known format like XML or JSON.


GTFS are Google Transit Feed Specification


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For anyone looking for something like this in 2014, take a look at brendannee/node-gtfs - GitHub

From the site's readme.md:

node-GTFS loads transit data in GTFS format from GTFS Data Exchange, unzips it and stores it to a MongoDB database and provides some methods to query for agencies, routes, stops and times. It also has spatial queries to find nearby stops, routes and agencies.

node-GTFS is written in node.js, and the queries return data in JSON format.


You can try these links Mr. Data Converter

1: http://www.shancarter.com/data_converter/ or Creativyst CSV to XML


FME by Safe Software supports GTFS and JSON or XML output among numerous other possible output formats. http://www.safe.com/

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