I would like to plot in a histogram the difference between the real SAVI values and the harmonic trend.

I use this code and I cannot make it.

// Load a collection of Landsat TOA reflectance images.
var landsatCollection = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/MOD13Q1');

// Set the region of interest to a point.
var roi = ee.Geometry.Point([-121.14, 37.98]);

// The dependent variable we are modeling.
var dependent = 'NDVI';

// The number of cycles per year to model.
var harmonics = 1;

// Make a list of harmonic frequencies to model.
// These also serve as band name suffixes.
var harmonicFrequencies = ee.List.sequence(1, harmonics);

// Function to get a sequence of band names for harmonic terms.
var constructBandNames = function(base, list) {
  return ee.List(list).map(function(i) {
    return ee.String(base).cat(ee.Number(i).int());

// Construct lists of names for the harmonic terms.
var cosNames = constructBandNames('cos_', harmonicFrequencies);
var sinNames = constructBandNames('sin_', harmonicFrequencies);

// Independent variables.
var independents = ee.List(['constant', 't'])

// Function to add an NDVI band, the dependent variable.
var addNDVI = function(image){
  return image
      '(1 + L) * float(nir - red)/ (nir + red + L)',
        'nir': image.select('sur_refl_b02'),
        'red': image.select('sur_refl_b01'),
        'L': 0.5,

// Function to add a time band.
var addDependents = function(image) {
  // Compute time in fractional years since the epoch.
  var years = image.date().difference('2000-01-01', 'year');
  var timeRadians = ee.Image(years.multiply(2 * Math.PI)).rename('t');
  var constant = ee.Image(1);
  return image.addBands(constant).addBands(timeRadians.float());

// Function to compute the specified number of harmonics
// and add them as bands.  Assumes the time band is present.
var addHarmonics = function(freqs) {
  return function(image) {
    // Make an image of frequencies.
    var frequencies = ee.Image.constant(freqs);
    // This band should represent time in radians.
    var time = ee.Image(image).select('t');
    // Get the cosine terms.
    var cosines = time.multiply(frequencies).cos().rename(cosNames);
    // Get the sin terms.
    var sines = time.multiply(frequencies).sin().rename(sinNames);
    return image.addBands(cosines).addBands(sines);

// Filter to the area of interest, mask clouds, add variables.
var harmonicLandsat = landsatCollection

// The output of the regression reduction is a 4x1 array image.
var harmonicTrend = harmonicLandsat
  .reduce(ee.Reducer.linearRegression(independents.length(), 1));

// Turn the array image into a multi-band image of coefficients.
var harmonicTrendCoefficients = harmonicTrend.select('coefficients')

// Compute fitted values.
var fittedHarmonic = harmonicLandsat.map(function(image) {
  return image.addBands(

// Plot the fitted model and the original data at the ROI.
print(ui.Chart.image.series(fittedHarmonic.select(['fitted','NDVI']), roi, ee.Reducer.mean(), 250)
      title: 'Harmonic model: original and fitted values',
      lineWidth: 1,
      pointSize: 3,

// Pull out the three bands we're going to visualize.
var sin = harmonicTrendCoefficients.select('sin_1');
var cos = harmonicTrendCoefficients.select('cos_1');

// Do some math to turn the first-order Fourier model into
// hue, saturation, and value in the range[0,1].
var magnitude = cos.hypot(sin).multiply(5);
var phase = sin.atan2(cos).unitScale(-Math.PI, Math.PI);
var val = harmonicLandsat.select('NDVI').reduce('mean');

// Turn the HSV data into an RGB image and add it to the map.
var seasonality = ee.Image.cat(phase, magnitude, val).hsvToRgb();
Map.centerObject(roi, 11);
Map.addLayer(seasonality, {}, 'Seasonality');
Map.addLayer(roi, {}, 'ROI');

I get the error: Error generating chart: ImageCollection.reduce: Error in map(ID=MOD13Q1_005_2000_02_18): Image.rename: The number of names must match the number of bands. Have 13, found 1.

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    Quite a bit of code here. Did you try to localize the error by turning off some of the code paths? – Dmitri Chubarov Feb 15 '18 at 5:52

Change the brackets of your addNDVI function

// Function to add an NDVI band, the dependent variable.
var addNDVI = function(image){
  return image
      '(1 + L) * float(nir - red)/ (nir + red + L)',
        'nir': image.select('sur_refl_b02'),
        'red': image.select('sur_refl_b01'),
        'L': 0.5,


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