I have a bus network in arcgis composed by:

  • The Bus stops (points)
  • The Bus lines (multilines)
  • A relashionship table who link the stops and the line

enter image description here

So the relationship (Many-to-Many) contains a table who looks like that:

[1      , 1      ]
[2      , 1      ]
[3      , 1      ]
[2      , 2      ]
[4      , 2      ]

I'm now trying to create a geometric network based on those features.

When I create the geometric network I can add:

  • The lines
  • The stops

But not the many to many relashionship table !

enter image description here

It happens that a line go throught a stop but the bus don't serve this stop, so the line and the stop should be unconnected.

How can I add the information contained in my relationship table in the geometric network ?

  • For that relations, try to use (connectivity rules) tool to define the connections between your network points and lines. An example may can help link – Moh Feb 15 '18 at 10:32
  • Ok with the rules you can said "An edge can or cannot be connected to this feature and how many connection can be made" but it doesn't help me to link a line with the stops. I want to take into account my many to many relationship ! – obchardon Feb 15 '18 at 11:29

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