I run the qgis:creategrid processing tool. When I write output path as OUTPUT parameter, it creates the shapefile in given directory. However when I run parameter again after changing some parameters except OUTPUT parameter, it does not write on same file with changes.

But I want to write it on same *.shp file. Here is my code:

param = {'TYPE': 2,
         'EXTENT': "329727.56769520865,336312.5556485866,1288173.5555638324,1292085.1509720355",
         'HSPACING': 150,
         'VSPACING': 150,
         'HOVERLAY': 0,
         'VOVERLAY': 0,
         'CRS': "32637",
         'OUTPUT': QgsProcessingOutputLayerDefinition("D:/grid/grid.shp")}

processing.runAndLoadResults("qgis:creategrid", param)

For instance when I run it again after changing HSPACING parameter, I want to write it on D:/grid/grid.shp again.


Actually I could not find the solution of my exact question. However I found a way for my request. If I run the script as processing.run instead of processing.runAndLoadResults, I can write on file as much as I want. In OUTPUT parameter I write shape path D:/grid/grid.shp. After that you can add it layer panel by calling defined path.

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