I'm creating a 6 page Map-Series enabled PDF document. The first page has a map frame and dynamic text boxes all linked to a map series layer/attributes. The remaining 5 pages contain static text which will never change.

How can I add multiple pages to a layout? I can't see any options.

  • Simply put, a layout is a page. Multiple pages = multiple layouts. If you're creating a map-series, set one to the extent you want, and the other 5 to another extent with your static text using dynamic text to change from the first to 2-6
    – Midavalo
    Feb 19, 2018 at 0:32

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I see no need for Map Series enablement unless you are trying to do the below for many 6-page PDFs using an Index Layer.

Since only one of your 6 pages needs to have a map I think you should export the layout with that map to make a PDF file.

Your 5 static text pages can then be created by exporting perhaps Word document(s) to PDF files.

You can then use the PDFDocument class in ArcPy to open the map PDF file and append the other PDF files as pages into it. The PDFDocument class:

Allows for the management of PDF documents, including facilities for merging and deleting pages, setting document open behavior, and creating or changing document security settings.

If you did want to do the above for many 6-page PDFs using an Index Layer, then you could use a Map Series to export single page PDF files for each map, and then use similar code to append the 5 static text pages to each.

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    I do need Map Series as I will be creating 100s of Page 1''s at a time, each with an updated map extent. I did end up exporting each page 1 to PDFs named by page number and then using python code to merge each exported page 1 PDF with the page 2-6 PDF. I used arcpy.mp.PDFDocumentCreate and pdfDoc.appendpages to do this.
    – Theo F
    Feb 21, 2018 at 10:58

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